The FORUM YORKSHIRE Journal | New Series Volume 3 | For 2014

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Contents | New Series Volume 3 | For 2014        19x26x6 JIS, 4pp+122pp, colour and b&w illustrations

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Intro and Contents
Editorial and Thematic Index i-ii
CBA Yorkshire Annual Review 2014-15 | iii-iv


Newgate Foot Stone Setting, Allerston, North Yorkshire: report on the re-erection of a fallen stone. Blaise Vyner | 1

A Cropmarked Landscape near Rossington, South Yorkshire. Andrea Burgess and Andrew Norton | 9

Discovery of an Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Kirkleatham, near Redcar in Cleveland. Stephen J. Sherlock and Philip Abramson | 21

Buildings Recording in the Cleveland Plain and at Octon Old Farmhouse, Thwing. David Cant | 33

Holy Wells: a source of inspiration or an archaeological distraction? Dave Weldrake | 41

The Archaeological Recording of Second World War Structures and Landscapes in Yorkshire. Shaun Richardson and Ed Dennison | 47

Communities in Action

The Swaledale Big Dig. Peter Denison-Edson and Alan Mills | 65

Creative Communities: heritage, funding and lateral thinking. Christine Rawson, Kate Brown and Sue Warren | 77

Archaeological Notes and Reviews

Pet Cats in Roman Villas: a North Yorkshire candidate? | John Buglass and Jennifer West | 85

Nidderdale Chase Heritage Group: the Ashelby Pasture Project 2013–14 interim report. Marie-Anne Hintze and Janis Heward | 89

Raikes Road Burial Ground, Skipton, North Yorkshire: 2014 interim excavation report. Jean Robinson and Janis Heward | 95

The Leeds Trinity Archaeology Project. Dave Weldrake | 99

Archaeological Register

Three Recent Excavations in Yorkshire by AOC Archaeology. Mitchell Pollington and Stephen Potten| 103

Recent Work in Yorkshire by Wessex Archaeology. Ashley Tuck and Andrew Norton | 108

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