Our Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Trustees, representatives of the Group’s member organisations and specified individual members of the Group.

The business of the Group is normally conducted through quarterly meetings of the Management Committee but only the Trustees can pass resolutions binding on the Group.

Committee Position Committee Officer Contact E-mail Committee Description
Chairperson Tony Hunt chair@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Chair
Vice Chairperson Jon Kenny web@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Vice-Chair
Secretary Dave Went secretary@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Secretary
Treasurer Helen Sophia web@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Treasurer
Editor Mike Turpin web@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Editor
Associate Editor Vacant associate.editor@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Associate Editor
Membership Secretary Jo Heron membership@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Membership Secretary
Programme Secretary Megan Clement-Dryland events@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Programme Secretary
Museums and Archives Officer Natasha Lawson web@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Museums and Archives
Digital Communications Officer Alistair Galt web@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Digital Communications
Education Officer Perry Gardner education@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Education Officer
Heritage and Conservation Officer Chris Went heritage@cba-yorkshire.org.uk Heritage and Conservation Officer

(note: the Acting positions will be ratified at the next General Meeting of the Group)


Ian Drake
Eric Houlder
Shirley Thubron

The holders of the post of Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor are also trustees

Representatives to other organisations

Rep to North York Moors National Park Archaeology Group Nick Mason
Rep to York Archaeological Trust Ian Drake
Rep to Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society Vacant
Acting Rep to Council for British Archaeology Claire Corkhill