Our Committee

The Management Committee consists of the Trustees, representatives of the Group’s member organisations and specified individual members of the Group.

The business of the Group is normally conducted through quarterly meetings of the Management Committee but only the Trustees can pass resolutions binding on the Group.


Chairperson                                  (Vacant)
Vice chairperson                           Paul Brayford
Secretary                                      Trevor Pearson
Treasurer                                      Ian Drake
Editor                                            Christiane Kroebel
Membership Secretary                 Trevor Pearson
Programme Secretary                  Christiane Kroebel
Museums and Archives Officer     Vacant
Digital Communications Officer    Paul Brayford
Education Officer                          Vacant
Programme Secretary                  Vacant


John Cruse
Eric Houlder
Shirley Thubron

The holders of the post of Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor are also trustees

Representatives to other organisations

Rep to North York Moors National Park Archaeology Group     (Vacant)
Rep to York Archaeological Trust                                               Ian Drake
Rep to Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society            John Cruse

Role descriptions





Membership Secretary

Programme Secretary

Education Officer

Digital Communications