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Welcome to the CBA Yorkshire Video Archive


With the onset of Covid, on-line meetings such as Zoom have become the norm.  CBA Yorkshire were one of the first to host an on-line conference back in October 2020.  These presentations were recorded and are now available as videos.

Following closely on the success of  the conference, we introduced the Fireside Chats as a way of keeping members of CBA and the wider archaeology community in touch.


Our first collection is from the presentations at the 2020 Autumn Showcase

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In 2021 CBA Yorkshire introduced the Community Grant Awards scheme to support affiliated groups and members of CBA Yorkshire.

The first four successful recipients talk about their projects in the following video:

The First Series of Fireside Chat Videos         The Second Series of Fireside Chat Videos

A Yorkshire Man at Sutton Hoo
Eric Houlder’s experiences as a photographer
and supervisor during the post-war digs.
YAA Mapping
Tony Hunt describes his advanced drone
techniques involving the near infra red.
Elsecar: The Earl’s Village of Iron and Coal
Dave Went describes recent archaeological
investigations at this industrial heritage site.
Hints and Tips with PowerPoint
Mike Turpin suggests how ‘Presentations’
might be improved.
A Tale of Two  Hillforts —
Two Prehistoric Excavations on the Yorkshire Wolds
Peter Halkon
One Person’s Junk, Another’s  Treasure
Reb Ellis describes the role of the Finds Coordinator on an archaeological dig.
 An Aerial View of Archaeology
Matt Oakey from Historic England explains how Aerial Photography and LiDAR  add value to archaeological investigations.
The North Duffield Experience
Brian Elsey describes how the North Duffield Group got started and how Community Archaeology can be organised.

The Third Series of Fireside Chat Videos       The Fourth Series of Fireside Chat Videos

CBA Yorkshire Grants, Awards,  Equipment and Skills
Natasha Lawson and Dave Went introduce two  important ways in which CBA Yorkshire can support Community Archaeology
A Wander of Wonders
The FFWAP excavations on the Yorkshire Wolds described by Alison Spencer
A History of Geophysics at Geoscan Research
Roger Walker describes his career and the advances made in Geophysical Survey.
Hedgerows — A Living History Book to be Read
Archaeobotany and how Hedgerows provide additional information to the Archaeological Landscape explained by Barry Wright.
The Abbot’s Staith
A Medieval Warehouse in Selby is being restored and investigated by Mark Simpson and Jon Kenny together with a dedicated band of volunteers
Conservation Work at York Archaeological Trust
Megs Felter, senior conservator at YAT explains how artefacts are restored and conserved.
Peturia Revisited – Roman Town at Brough
nr Hull

Peter Halkon and Maftin Credland describe the latest (2020) important Roman excavations at Brough
GeoArchaeology Applying Earth Sciences to
Ehren Smith explains what is meant by GeoArchaeology, a term which is being increasingly used.

The Fifth Series of Fireside Chat Videos       The Sixth Series of Fireside Chat Videos

Associated Group Videos

We have invited groups associated with CBA Yorkshire to allow us to upload videos that they have produced. 

So far, the Bedale Archaeology and History Society have offered a variety of talks which are well worth a look at.

If your group wants to use this facility to promote your work contact