CBA Local Heritage Engagement Toolkit (LHEN)

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The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) has always put the active stewardship of the historic environment at the heart of its work, and has always been a supporter of local campaigns to protect the nation’s archaeological and historical heritage.

Here at CBA Yorkshire we are keen to encourage local groups, university departments and individuals to speak up when sites and monuments in our area are under threat, providing guidance and advice and adding our voice to yours where appropriate. We aim to work together with local government, property owners and other interested parties to ensure long-term sustainable solutions for the historic environment.

CBA’s Local Heritage Engagement Network website page hosts a number of toolkits to help anyone with concerns. Click on the link here and you will be offered a number of options providing advice on ways forward, including dealing with the planning system, using the media to make your voice heard and engaging with local and national government.

For more information please use the link here:

In addition, we have our own Heritage & Conservation Officer, Christine Went, who will be happy to provide advocacy advice. You can contact Christine at