YAHS Roman Antiquities Section

The Roman Antiquities Section (RAS) of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society originated as the Yorkshire Roman Antiquities Committee (YRAC), an independent body established in 1906. After three years the YRAC was reconstituted as a subcommittee and subsequently as a Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. Through-out its existence the Committee and now the Section has been closely involved in fieldwork and publication relating to Roman Yorkshire, as well as organising lectures, day-schools and excursions.

The RAS usually has five lectures and business meetings each year in Leeds, normally on a Saturday afternoon. The lectures are largely focused on Roman Yorkshire, but we also have speakers who discuss wider aspects of Roman Britain or the Roman world. We also normally have a yearly joint meeting with another Society within Yorkshire and occasionally organise day-schools on Roman Yorkshire and related topics. We have recently launched an online Newsletter which is available free to members of the RAS. We also occasionally publish monographs. Members may also borrow books donated to the Library by the RAS.

Contact details

Email: ras.yas.webmaster@gmail.com
Web: http://www.ras.yas.org.uk