Heart of the City II and Heritage Strategy for Sheffield – Public Consultation Update


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Joined Up Heritage Sheffield invites you to participate in the following two consultations:

Heart of the City II – Public Consultation UPDATE

Sheffield City Council have extended the pre-application consultation on Block H of their Heart of the City II development until April 28th, and made more details available on the website at https://www.heartofcity2.com/public-consultation/.

Block H is bounded by Cambridge Street, Wellington Street and Carver Street, and includes several historic buildings. Heritage campaigners have worked behind the scenes with the Council to ensure that there is a positive approach to these. The Council’s press release says “The emerging proposals for this block now showcase the retention of far more original architecture than envisaged in the 2018 masterplan. Plans now include the preservation and sympathetic restoration of the quality fabric and façades along Cambridge Street and Wellington Street, including the listed Bethel Sunday School and Leah’s Yard, as well as the Bethel Chapel and the buildings that formerly housed Brewhouse and Henry’s. The historic buildings fronting these streets will be kept with internal adaptations and reconstruction carried out where necessary to bring them back into use.”

You can provide feedback using the link on the website, email comments to info@heartofcity2.com, or phone the team on 0800 731 5515. The improved attitude to heritage is good news, but it is still important that the Council receives as much feedback as possible. They need to hear that retaining and celebrating heritage is the right direction. You may have opinions on how the new designs work with the old buildings, or whether the proposals make the best use of this historic area. You may have historical knowledge that should be taken into account.

Although this does not include detailed plans for the Grade II* listed Leah’s Yard, it remains an opportunity to make suggestions or raise concerns about this important site. The only firm proposal for Leah’s Yard at present is to carry out essential stabilisation, weatherproofing and repair works to ensure its future.

A Heritage Strategy for Sheffield: Consultation on the Draft

As you will know, we had planned to complete consultation last month and to launch the final version in March. We had already extended the timetable, for a number of good reasons, when the present health emergency developed. We will therefore keep the consultation open into the early summer, when things may look a little clearer. So if you didn’t get a chance to comment earlier, you still have the opportunity to do so. All input welcome. You can find the draft strategy at


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