CBA Yorkshire Education Afternoon (Amy Talbot, Acting Education Officer)

Recently I was asked on behalf of CBA Yorkshire to undertake an education afternoon at Battyeford Primary School. Prior to attending the afternoon I made up a box of washed unstratified finds, and by making up a series of labels, such as “Roman pottery” and “Victorian clay pipe” I was able to get the kids enthusiastic about the finds that archaeologists recover. This was also a really good hands on session which got their immediate attention and helped set a fantastic tone for the rest of the afternoon. The children loved being able to get hands on with the finds, and I was kept busy with lots of interesting questions!

Amy, our Acting Education Officer, showing her archaeology finds tray to a very interested group of schoolchildren!

I also had a photo slideshow, taken in my spare time of trips to places such as Pompeii, The Lake District and the Isle of Man, showing pictures of the archaeology in each of the places which helped show the kids a wide mix of what careers in archaeology and heritage conservation could lead to. Finally I finished with a brief talk about famous archaeologists, and working in archaeological jobs. Overall it was a fantastic experience for both myself and the children, and really helped to encourage a wide range of questions and discussion topics, relating to working in archaeology.