Yorkshire Museum treasures on display in London

posted 7 Mar 2010, 06:11 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 7 Mar 2010, 13:18 ]
A collection of material from the Yorkshire Museum is on display at the British Museum in London while the Yorkshire Museum is refurbished.
The temporary exhibition is called "Treasures from Medieval York: England’s other capital" and features swords, jewellery and coins from the Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods. Highlight objects include the beautiful Middleham Jewel, the York Helmet, the remarkable Gilling Sword, and the magnificent Vale of York Hoard.
More in the Yorkshire Post and on the British Museum website

Middleham Jewel (Picture Copyright York Museums Trust)

The Middleham Jewel is a gold pendant, adorned with an oblong sapphire and dates from around 1460. It is engraved with images of the Trinity on the front and the Nativity on the back.

Discovered in 1985, metal detector Ted Seaton originally thought he had found nothing more exciting than an old compact. However, when the object was cleaned, it turned out to be a gold pendant inset with a blue sapphire stone, dating back to 1460. Engraved on one side with a scene of the Holy Trinity, the Yorkshire Museum raised £2.5m to acquire the now world-famous jewel, which has been described as one of the most important pieces of English Gothic jewellery found in the last 100 years.