posted 23 May 2010, 09:11 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 23 May 2010, 09:13 ]
Thousands of images from Yorkshire and Humber 

From now on the public will be able to search online a catalogue describing more than a million historical photographs and documents relating to England’s historic buildings and archaeological sites held by the National Monuments Record (NMR), English Heritage’s public archive. 

The details of the wealth of historical material the archive holds – images, plans, drawings, reports and publications covering England’s archaeology, architecture, social and local history – is held on a database which can now be accessed and searched online at www.englishheritagearchives.org.uk. Until now, these searches had to be done in person at the NMR’s public search rooms in Swindon. 

The database contains thousands of images from Yorkshire and the Humber, including the demolition of a post mill in south Killingholme in 1934 and the aftermath of a major mill fire in Elland, West Yorkshire, in 1912. 

Using a range of search terms, users can discover whether English Heritage holds any items in its archive relevant to the topic they are interested in, mainly photos, but also including maps, plans or reports. For example, using the search word ‘Yorkshire’ will yield 36928 catalogue items relating to the county. A similar search for ‘Lincolnshire’ produces 7633 entries. You can even search for a type of building, like schools or churches, or for an exact address. 

Each catalogue item consists of a description and users can place orders online. A small percentage of the description is illustrated. Registration is free, but customers will be charged for the documents they ordered (price varies). Alternatively, users can contact Enquiry and Research Service on 01793 414 600 or email nmrinfo@english-heritage.org.uk to place an order or ask for help if they cannot find what they are looking for.