Thornborough Heritage Trust

Amongst the ploughed fields and pretty villages to the north of Ripon, in Yorkshire’s North Riding, are some remarkable prehistoric monuments. No less than six giant henges, along with many other Neolithic and Bronze Age sites, can be found here, suggesting this was a special landscape between 4000-1500 BC. The most famous of these monuments are at Thornborough.
The Thornborough Heritage Trust is committed to ensuring these monuments, and the prehistoric and historic landscapes of which they are part, have a bright future.
We believe in promoting their conservation, preservation and protection – and in encouraging everyone to appreciate and enjoy these remarkable sites.

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Please let us know if you would like to be a Trust Member. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from everyone. Joining us is free, but as a Charitable Trust we are dependent on donations. Your money will be used to help us protect and promote Thornborough’s remarkable archaeology.

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