North Yorkshire Historic Environment Team

North Yorkshire boasts an enviable archaeological legacy, from prehistoric times through to military remains of the 20th century, all of which shape the towns and villages we live in today.

These remains are fragile and cannot be replaced if damaged or destroyed. It is important to preserve our heritage for future generations.

The North Yorkshire heritage services team provides a specialist archaeological information and advisory service, covering such topics as consultancy and advice, excavations and surveys and local information.

Consultancy and advice

The team offers pre-planning advice to potential applicants, whether householder or developer. We provide advice on applications to local planning authorities and management guidance is given to farmers, landowners and agents on agri-environment schemes and new woodland planting.

Excavations and surveys

The team provides information about archaeological work that has taken place in the county and is recorded in the North Yorkshire historic environment record, but does not do fieldwork. Many commercial and research organisations carry out fieldwork in the county, as well as local groups and societies.

Local information

Local information about the archaeology of North Yorkshire can be found in the historic environment record, which records information about historic sites and monuments. We cover the area of North Yorkshire outside the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks. The City of York is also outside of our area. The record can be viewed online via the Heritage Gateway website, or in person by contacting the team to arrange a visit.

Local history and heritage

Our heritage services teams:

  • provide advice and guidance on the historic and natural environment;
  • maintain and manage heritage information and access to it;
  • work to secure the long-term management of the county’s historic and natural assets;
  • and, promote the natural and historic environment.

Students and researchers can investigate the background and significance of local and regional history through the local collections of North Yorkshire libraries. The county record office collects and preserves millions of documents relating to the county’s history.

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