Barnsley and Rotherham YAC

Contact:Megan Clement
Tel:01226 773728

Barnsley and Rotherham YAC is open to everyone aged 8–16 years. YAC clubs get involved in all sorts of activities, including visiting and investigating archaeological sites and historic places, trying out traditional crafts, taking part in excavations, and lots more.

Barnsley and Rotherham YAC is based at The Elsecar Heritage Centre in Elsecar near Barnsley. The club usually meets once a month. It is an affiliated club of the YAC network, and is run by staff and volunteers from the Great Place Wentworth and Elsecar project, which is managed by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

If you’d like to get involved with BArnsley and Rotherham YAC, or find out more about how the club is run, get in touch with the team at