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Mortimer 2011 – Archaeology in Eastern Yorkshire: Excavation and Research, Present and Future

Saturday 17 September 2011


If you plan to send a booking form in the period 9 Sept to 13 Sept please enclose a First Class SAE. We shall not post out tickets after 14 Sept but hold them for collection on the day. If you provide an email address or phone number we shall  confirm receipt of your booking. If you want to make a booking after 13 Sept please email mortimer2011@cba-yorkshire.org.uk or phone 0773 555 9035 to reserve tickets for collection and payment at the door.

A map and travel details are available on the Joining Instructions document attached at the bottom of this page.

A day school in memory of John Robert Mortimer (1825-1911) the eminent Yorkshire antiquarian and author of “Forty Years Researches in British and Saxon Burial Mounds of East Yorkshire”. We shall consider how the Mortimer legacy is being carried forward into the 21st century. Speakers will discuss a broad range of topics across current and future research in the archaeology of Eastern Yorkshire including landscape studies, settlement patterns, geophysical prospection, aerial photography, excavation, isotopic analysis and artefact studies. The day will take place in Mortimer’s home town of Driffield at Driffield School on Saturday 17 September 2011.
Tickets are £10 each and are available by downloading and completing and returning the attached booking form with payment and a SAE.


9:30                 Registration

10:00              Opening remarks / safety notices etc

                        Bryan Sitch, Head of Human Cultures & Curator of Archaeology, Manchester Museum
                        'Forty Years' Curating: Thomas Sheppard and the Mortimer Legacy

                        Dr Cath Neal, Heslington East Fieldwork Officer, University of York
                        A Geoarchaeological Approach to the Yorkshire Wolds Landscape

                        Dr Nicky Milner, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, University of York
                        Star Carr: and the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of eastern Yorkshire

11:10             Tea break

                       Dr Alex Gibson, Reader in British Prehistory, University of Bradford
                       Creating a Radio-Carbon Dated Chronology

                       Dr Amanda Jay, Research Associate, Durham University
                       Isotopic Analysis of Skeletons in eastern Yorkshire: the Implications for Mobility and Subsistence

                       Dr Vin Davis, Chairman and Chief Petrologist, Implement Petrology Group; University of St Joseph, Macau, China
                       Stone Implement Studies in East Yorkshire: a Janus Look
Dr Davis will examine aspects of implement petrology, typology and dispersal from past, present and future perspectives.

                       Dr Alison Sheridan, President of the Prehistoric Society; Head of Early Prehistory, National Museums of Scotland
                       20 Years Research into Jet and Jet-like Artefacts from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age of Britain and Ireland

13:15             Lunch

14:00             John Cruse, Co-ordinator, Yorkshire Quern Survey, Yorkshire Archaeological Society
                       The Yorkshire Quern Survey: Current Work in East Yorkshire

                       John Dent, East Riding Archaeological Research Trust
                       The Ceremonial Monuments of Wetwang Slack

Closer study of the Neolithic features at Wetwang Slack has revealed alignments of those features This suggests deliberate later neolithic alignment of quite small monuments over several hundred metres.Comparisons can be drawn between these and larger monuments around Rudston and in the Vale of York which are much larger, readily recognisable on the ground or from air photographs, and line up over much greater distances.

                       Dr Peter Halkon, Lecturer in Archaeology, University of Hull
                       The Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes: The Foulness Valley and Beyond

                       Prof Dominic Powlesland, Director, The Landscape Research Centre
                       The Early Medieval Settlement of the Vale of Pickering and the Great Wold Valley

15:30             Short Comfort Break

                       Kurt Hunter-Mann, Field Officer, York Archaeological Trust
                       Anglian Kilham

                       Dave Evans, Archaeology Manager, Humber Archaeology Partnership
                       Urban archaeology in Hull and the East Riding

                       Oliver Cooper, Northern Archaeological Associates Ltd
                       The East Coast Water Pipeline excavations

                       David Bull, Rural Communities Heritage Co-ordinator, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
                       East Yorkshire Heritage at Risk

                       Panel Questions (depending on time available)

CLOSE No later than 17:30 

JR Mortimer (1825 -1911)
(c) Hull Museums and Art Gallery
Image used with permission