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YORK: ARCHAEOLOGY LIVE! 2013 24 June - 13 Sep

posted 10 Mar 2013, 16:17 by CBA Yorkshire   [ updated 10 Mar 2013, 17:08 ]

York Archaeological Trust ARCHAEOLOGY LIVE! 2013  

Monday 24th June - Friday 13th September

The Archaeology Live! training excavations had been taking place as part of the Block H excavations at Hungate, York since 2007. However, the Block H site was finished at the end of 2011 leaving a huge archive of material to look through and make sense of, but also a number of questions. The 2013 season offers the chance to return to Block H and investigate a new area, focussing on the demolished church of St. John-in-the-Marsh. The archaeology will be of various periods, including: 

Roman - Will we find Roman archaeology and what nature will it be? There should be Roman remains extending into this part of the site and as it was a natural high point in the landscape will there be any Roman structures which took advantage of this

Anglo-Scandinavian - The church could be pre-conquest in date so can we prove this one way or another? There is also potential for Viking archaeology that may relate to domestic activities.

Medieval - What survives of the church? In 2002 we found traces of the northern wall as well as burials surrounding the building. We hope to find more of the church in 2013 and get a better idea of the extent of the cemetery. We do not intend to dig any burials, but will record them in-situ, digging into earlier deposits where no burials survive.

Post-Medieval - What happened to the church in the 15000s? In 2002 we found what we thought was a demolition layer across some trenches, so can we find more and prove it was from the church. We will also look at what they used the plot of land for in the 17th and 18th centuries, hopefully more evidence of the Cordwainers.

19th Century onwards - How did this plot of land develop during the 19th century? Hopefully we will find more remains of people who developed this parcel of land and how it fell into decline at the end of this period.

Archaeology Live! 2013 will hopefully give us a chance of answering some of these questions, as well as adding to our knowledge of the Hungate area in all periods. The excavations will take place in the southeast corner of Block H. 

The training excavation provides a way to learn about and participate in excavation, recording, planning, finds processing, environmental sampling, and processing.  Any other specific requests for training may also be available on application. Professional field archaeologists provide all the training throughout the course.

During Archaeology Live!, the archaeology will be excavated and recorded by the trainees; the trainers teach and assist when required. It is a field-based training programme where people learn by doing the excavation, and by discovering and recording the archaeology themselves, rather than by classroom-based tuition. 

For more information contact: 

E-mail trainingdig@yorkat.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0) 7908 210026

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