Have You Found Something Interesting?

Have you dug up something shiny in your garden?

Are you a budding metal detectorist who has found something shiny?

Have you been given some artefacts from a friend that you would like to know more about?

There are archaeologists in the UK paid to help members of the public identify objects of archaeological interest! These are Finds Liaison Officers (FLO), who are part of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). This is a free service that gives you the opportunity to learn more about the artefacts you find! While here at CBA Yorkshire we can try to help identify artefacts for you, we are not paid to identify objects, nor do we have large databases to help us in these cases – the FLOs are! We advertise open days for the PAS for members of the public to meet the FLOs and identify objects for you.

In North and East Yorkshire the FLO is based in York (The Yorkshire Museum – rebecca.griffiths@ymt.org.uk) and in South and West Yorkshire the FLO is based in Leeds (West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service – amy.downes@wyjs.org.uk).

To find out more about the PAS please go to https://finds.org.uk/. The website also has advice on how to conserve artefacts that you encounter – see more about what conservation advice you can access here:https://finds.org.uk/conservation/index

If you would like to spread the word about CBA Yorkshire and the work we do, please use the hashtag #hereforourheritage.