The King and Thubron Memorial Award Scheme

A grant of £200 is awarded biennially at our annual general meeting through the joint King and Thubron Memorial Award scheme. This is open to any archaeological project undertaken in Yorkshire by amateur or student groups or individuals, for which they receive no payment or have limited access to alternative funds.

Eligible works can range from excavation, artefact studies, documentary research and all forms of survey work. The award can be used to cover any form of expenditure from the purchase of materials to the cost of services such as photography, illustration, conservation, typing and printing. The only conditions to be placed on the work are that it must contribute towards a greater understanding of Yorkshire archaeology.

Information on making applications for the award is notified on our website and distributed with AGM papers in the years it is awarded.

The next award will be at the AGM in 2020.

Other CBA Yorkshire Grants

Please note that until further notice CBA Yorkshire does not have sufficient funds to give additional grants

Additional grants may be made for other worthwhile projects at the discretion of the Management Committee.
The availability of grants in any one year will be contingent upon the availability of funds. Grants will not normally exceed £1000 in any one year. and Grants will be available to individuals, archaeological societies, groups or units (including professional units) providing the applicants are members of the CBA or CBA Yorkshire before receiving a grant.

Eligible projects and activities

Grants may be awarded for projects which meet one or more of the aims of CBA Yorkshire for the following purposes:

Collection of data by means of fieldwork, excavation and/or documentary research etc.
Conservation of material of archaeological or historical interest
Processing of results, including evaluation and analysis of data and the preparation of reports
Purchase or hire of basic or specialist equipment
Purchase of specialised resources (e.g. radiocarbon dating, dendrochronology)
Presentation of results in book, report or other form of published data
Other projects concerned with the archaeology or history of Yorkshire
Applicants should not feel constrained by the above list if they have an innovative project related to the archaeological or historical environment which they wish to propose.

Our full Grants Policy will be published on this site and should be read by those seeking funding.

CBA Mick Aston Archaeology Fund

The Mick Aston Archaeology Fund (previously known as Challenge Funding), supported by Historic England, is currently offering grants of up to £1,000 to help fund fieldwork and research projects undertaken by voluntary groups and societies and individuals across England. Applicants should be undertaking new and innovative research projects that will help create a greater understanding of local heritage. There are many ways funding could be used such as providing training for volunteers, purchasing equipment for excavation and recording, environmental analysis or scientific dating.

For more information on the Mick Aston Archaeology Fund and to download an application form please visit