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Call for Papers 2016

Write for FORUM YORKSHIRE — We'll help you spread the word!
Thank you for considering to write
for the FORUM journal. FORUM has an extensive and diverse readership that spans many and varied organisations, local societies, universities, voluntary and educational communities and commercial practices, as well as individuals and families—within and far beyond our county.

Your presence in this refreshed journal lets you showcase your work and achievements to an audience who care passionately about archaeology and heritage—through recording, investigation, preservation and evangelism.

FORUM is our flagship annual journal where community, independent, professional, museum, commercial and academic archaeologists (and practitioners in complementary fields) can report their research or extend discussions about archaeological and allied issues. A range of contributions is invited including long (4000–8000 word) or short (2000–4000 word) articles, shorter notes (up to 2000 words), site summaries, and preliminary or full research fieldwork and project reports. Longer papers may be considered and requests should be submitted to the editor. We also accept reviews of books or articles related to the archaeology and heritage landscape of Yorkshire.

Contributions are welcome from students, voluntary and community-based groups, independent practitioners, providers of training and education, commercial organisations, museums and academics. FORUM is dated and published retrospectively for the prior calendar year and distributed around February to subscribed members.

The geographic scope of this journal is Yorkshire including areas that were part of Yorkshire prior to the 1974 boundary re-organisation. Contributions on archaeology which is not located in Yorkshire (or its previous boundaries) but is immediately adjacent or pertinent to it may be considered. Authors are requested to contact the editor prior to writing such an article. Contributions may be on any period of archaeology and the human past relevant to the geographic scope outlined above.

Call for Papers 2016

Contributions are welcome from anybody involved in Yorkshire archaeology — fieldwork, research, community projects, education, commercial and developer led activities. Items should be submitted by 30 November 2016 for availability in volume 5, to be published in early 2017 (extensions by special request please). The editor will supply document templates based on the information supplied below.

If you're interested in submitting an item, please send an email to the editor summarising:
  • Your name, role, contact details and organisation or affiliation (if any) — telephone details help too
  • The proposed subject matter — periods, type of research or investigation, nature of the project and stage (a short abstract is useful)
  • Likelihood of your submission (certain, very likely, somewhat likely, uncertain) and the estimated date of draft for consideration

Not written before? Don’t be put off. Editorial assistance is available on request to help aspiring writers showcase their work! Contact

Guidelines for Contributors

Download | Guidelines for Contributors (PDF) 

It is a challenge to list all specifications and so, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.

Cover pictures

You may also want to consider contributing dynamic and colourful photographs for inclusion on the journal covers? Beyond archaeology as the central theme, images that reflect a broad spectrum of projects, diversity across age, gender and background, and inclusivity through community projects, educational activities — even re-enactments — all make great candidates.

Project Lifecycles — Why wait until your project is finished?

Archaeological projects
can often take years to plan, fund, implement and communicate. FORUM YORKSHIRE is an ideal way to share your results, experiences and best practices at every stage of the journey.

What's it like making a grant application, building a volunteer team, preparing for publication, talking to the media?

Share your experiences, advice and best practices, or create a debate, in FORUM YORKSHIRE.

Why not share your advice, lessons learned or a discussion—no matter what stage you’re at? Contact the editor to discuss your ideas — and help support
archaeology for all!

Things to do next
  • Review the Guidelines for Contributors document (PDF)
  • Think about sending in a dynamic archaeology picture for the FORUM journal covers
  • Contact me as soon as possible — I look forward to hearing from you!

Christiane Kroebel | Hon Editor and Trustee |