What's On

We aim to organise a number of events through the year including day-schools and visits.

The main event in our annual calendar is the Annual General Meeting and Symposium held each February. The Symposium is an opportunity for members to get an up-to-date overview of investigation and research being carried out by individuals, local societies, academic and commercial bodies into Yorkshire's archaeology, as well as meet with friends and colleagues from across the county. The day usually consists of nine to ten short presentations on a variety of topics, together with small displays by local societies of their work.

Our day-schools are usually focussed on specific aspects of Yorkshire's archaeology, such as community archaeology, approaches to studying past landscapes, or sites such as Thornborough Henges.. Often, we organise our day-schools jointly with other societies in Yorkshire.

We also organise visits to sites of particular interest, including sites outside Yorkshire. 

In addition to the events organised by CBA Yorkshire, our institutional members and other organisations in Yorkshire organise full programmes of events. We aim to sign-post these for you here.