CBA Yorkshire Fireside Chats Series 4

The fourth series of Fireside Chats will require individual registration for each meeting.

Details for the meetings are shown below, together with the links to each registration process.

Please be aware that although the Zoom connection is from 7.00 pm, the Waiting Room opens from 7.15 pm for the meeting to start at 7.30 pm

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On behalf of the CBA Yorkshire committee, we look forward to you joining these meetings with us.

•       Tuesday 18th May      7.15 to start 7.30 pm

Breaking New Ground: Archaeology at the Abbots Staith, Selby

Mark Simpson

The Abbots Staith warehouse at Selby is a rare, possibly unique, survival of a medieval monastic riverside warehouse. A small team of community volunteers did an archaeological dig inside the warehouse in 2017-18 and a second dig is now in the planning stage. This talk summarises the progress so far and looks ahead to the next phase.

Register in advance for this meeting:–spj8iHdQg9ixEz5ORv3QTSgyIC974

•       Tuesday 1st June        7.15 to start 7.30 pm

Everything you always wanted to know about conservation, but were afraid to ask!’

Mags Felter, Senior Conservator, York Archaeological Trust, and Conservator at Museum of Cultural Heritage, Oslo, Norway

CBAY Fireside Chats are going international … Live from Oslo, Norway.

This talk will be an introduction to archaeological conservation, what conservators do and how conservation can add to the information revealed by archaeological artefacts.  The talk will look at the role of conservation within the archaeological process for both commercial and community-based projects and will touch on issues such as funding and volunteering.  There will also be the opportunity to ask lots of questions!

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•       Tuesday 15th June       7.15 to start 7.30 pm

Petuaria Revisited  —  The Story Continues

Peter Halkon and Martin Credland

Petuaria, Roman Brough on Humber, was one of the places where excavation continued during the Covid restrictions of 2020.  Peter Halkon lead archaeologist on the project will present a summary of the recent fieldwork including an overview of the 2020 results and fascinating finds.  Martin Credland, Chair of the Elloughton cum Brough Playing Fields Association which coordinates the Petuaria ReVisited project will be giving news of this year’s excavations and how to build community participation, introducing the Brough Roman festival 10th-11th July 2021.

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•       Tuesday 29th June       7.15 to start 7.30 pm          

Geoarchaeology: Next steps in community archaeology

Ehren Smith

The talk will be focused on Geoarchaeology and its potential applications within community archaeology.  It will (with permissions pending) be looking at some specific examples related to community archaeology in Yorkshire & the Northeast.

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