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Sheffield: Manor Lodge Project

Between 21 June and 30 July 2010 Sheffield University Department of Archaeology will be offering fieldwork training at the Scheduled Ancient Monument at Manor Lodge. Excavation will focus on the south range of the 15th-17th century Manor Lodge and the 18th-19th century hamlet that developed within the ruins of the abandoned estate.

As well as running excavation training, they are offering four specialist field schools designed to introduce students to various aspects of post-excavation analysis;

Environmental Archaeology, 28 June-2 July

Human Osteology, 5-9 July

Historic Buildings, 12-16 July

Material Culture, 19-23 July

If you would like to participate in the excavations for a shorter amount of time then perhaps one of the introductory days Introduction to Archaeology, Artefacts Handling or The Buildings of Manor Lodge would be of interest to you.

For further information please see the project website