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Launch of Roman Roads Project in Thornton le Street, North Riding

posted 3 Feb 2013, 13:09 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 1 Feb 2016, 15:06 ]

Northallerton and District Local History Society are launching a new project at Thornton le Street Village Hall at 7.00 pm on Friday, 1st March. The project will investigate the Roman road system as it enters and leaves Thornton le Street and its subsequent routes to the Tees at Middleton St George and to the Swale at Catterick Bridge.

 Brian Forbes of Thornton le Moor will present his current findings and Oliver Cooper, a Project Manager with Northern Archaeological Associates, will introduce the audience to related archaeological method. There will then be an open discussion to determine the way forward and to encourage local support.

 There has been considerable speculation over the years regarding the routes taken by the Romans at this location. A road north to the Tees at Middleton St George is widely recognised, but a postulated road joining Dere Street at Catterick Bridge needs confirmation. The site in Thornton le Street is scheduled, but the scheduling needs a considered reappraisal.

 Substantial documentary research has already been undertaken by Brian Forbes on the project, but the

involvement of volunteers is sought, sufficient to develop a Heritage Lottery funded investigation drawing on professional archaeological expertise to supervise disciplined ground works, sufficient to ensure that an informed review can be undertaken.                                                                                                                        
Line of Roman Road across fields at Thornton le Street, North Yorkshire
 Line of Roman Road (^) at Thornton le Street
Gordon Hatton [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons