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Help Save the West Yorkshire Hoard for Leeds

posted 3 Nov 2011, 14:03 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 9 Jul 2012, 08:24 ]
Cabachon Ring
Leeds City Museums need your help to save the West Yorkshire Hoard.

The Friends of Leeds City Museums and the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society have joined forces to help save this unique and amazing treasure for the city of Leeds.

The story so far:

Discovered by a metal detectorist, the West Yorkshire Hoard is made up of seven objects, six of these being items of exquisite gold jewellery dating from 7th to 11th centuries. The first five gold objects were found in 2008, and an additional gold ring and spindle whorl were found in 2009 in the same spot. The most spectacular of the finds is a large complete gold ring with a lozenge-shaped bezel set with a garnet gem. It was made to be displayed as a sign of great wealth and status and is in near perfect condition

These spectacular objects have been classed as ‘Treasure’ under the Treasure Act (1996) and they are currently housed in The British Museum with the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Why does the money need raising so quickly?

The objects have been valued at £171,310 and Leeds Museums and Galleries have been offered first refusal to purchase the hoard as the local museum service. If they fail to raise the funds the objects may be sold at auction, and will more than likely end up in a private collection and be lost from the public sphere. The deadline is 15th November to pay for the hoard.

So far the Friends of Leeds City Museums, The Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society and The Art Fund have each awarded a grant towards the purchase of these items. But there are just two weeks to raise the rest of the money to ensure that this spectacular treasure is saved for the people of Leeds and beyond.

The Friends of Leeds City Museums are working with the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society in running an appeal to raise the additional funds needed to purchase the hoard. The CBA Yorkshire trustees will be discussing a donation at their next meeting. Can you help raise the money by donating too?