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Friends of Roman Aldborough - Romans in North Yorkshire

posted 1 Nov 2012, 05:49 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 1 Feb 2016, 15:03 ]
Friends of Roman Aldborough - Programme of Events
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Friday 23rd November 7.30 pm Aldborough Village Hall
£4.00 pay on the night Friends of Roman Aldborough and under 16's Free

Romans in North Yorkshire

A talk by Pete Wilson, former English Heritage Head of Research Policy (Roman Archaeology)

This is the first in a series of talks to be arranged by the Friends of Roman Aldborough, looking at aspects of Roman life in and around Isurium Brigantum.

‘Traditionally the Roman occupation of the North Yorkshire area has been dated to AD 71 and the foundation of the legionary fortress of Eboracum (York), however it is known that the Roman army was active north of the Humber before then and it is possible that some forts originate before AD 71. This talk will explore the military occupation of the region through to the construction of the so-called ‘Signal Stations’ on the coast.

It will also look at the impact on the native population and developments/changes in the countryside during the Roman occupation as well as looking at aspects of the economy and industry. Roman towns will be examined, although the talk will focus more on Cataractonium (Catterick) than Isurium Brigantum (Aldborough) given that our understanding of the latter site is changing and deepening as a result of the University of Cambridge project.’

Future Events (Dates to be Confirmed) 
February: The Way Ahead: A social evening for Friends of Roman Aldborough and their guests to discuss future plans for the group. Kevin Cale will provide a keynote presentation on the nature of Community Archaeology. This will be followed by members of the Steering Group sharing ideas for possible FORA activities within the Roman site. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and further suggestions by the members.

April: Visit to English Heritage Store at Helmsley and the Roman Villa at Beadlam: This will be an opportunity to find out about the artefacts from Aldborough which are in store and not accessible at the museum, together with a visit in the afternoon to the Beadlam Roman Site.

May/June: English Heritage Study Day in Aldborough: Although not finalised yet, participants will gain further knowledge of a wide variety of finds and will be shown the ways artefacts from an archaeological site can provide us with much useful information.