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CBA Book Special Offers

posted 29 Jan 2010, 11:55 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 30 Nov 2010, 13:18 ]

part of the ‘Craft, Industry and Everyday Life’ series

by Carole A Morris

 The definitive study of over 1500 wooden objects and wood and iron woodworking tools recovered from some of the most important sites in York. Ranging from Anglo-Scandinavian (c850–1066) to later medieval (15th–16th century) in date the collection published here is an assemblage unprecedented from any site of any period in Britain.

Price: £20 (was £34)
 AY17/13 Morris cover

by HEM Cool, G Lloyd-Morgan and AD Hooley

 Reports on the finds other than pottery recovered during three excavations with the fortress of York, at Blake Street and Swinegate in the praetentura and the Purey Cust Nuffield Hospital in the retentura. This is the largest collection of Roman artefacts to have been published from York.

Price: £10.00

 AY17/10: Cool et al cover
Roman Catterick and its hinterland: excavations and research, 1958–1997
edited by Pete Wilson

 This two-part Report represents over forty years of excavation and fieldwork undertaken at Catterick (Cataractonium), North Yorkshire.

Price: now £7.50 (was £15)
Cataractonium 2 cover

All available from the main CBA website