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2011 CBA Festival of British Archaeology Event Listings Live!

posted 7 Mar 2011, 08:02 by Paul Brayford   [ updated 1 Feb 2016, 14:48 ]
From Council for British Archaeology via

Search for Festival events online now and start to plan what you’ll be doing during the CBA Festival of British Archaeology 2011, which takes place between 16–31 July, this summer!

Hundreds of events will be held during the Festival fortnight. Events range from guided walks over ancient moorland landscapes, to visiting live excavation sites, trying your hand at making an ‘ancient’ pot, talks about famous treasures and re-enactments of times gone by.

Events are taking place all over the UK so you should never be far from events taking place!

Search for Festival events now!

You can search for events by: Region, event type, or via a general word search – such as ‘walk’ or ‘prehistoric’.

NEW events will be added continually over the coming months, so please do keep checking back to see the latest events that have been registered!

The CBA Festival of British Archaeology is made possible each year thanks to the huge amount of support given to the event by heritage, archaeological and historical organisations across the UK, who arrange and run all the events, many of them organised entirely by volunteers.

All organisations who participate in the CBA Festival share the aspiration of encouraging everyone to take an interest in their past, to gain knowledge and understanding of our heritage, and to appreciate the need to protect our historic environment for generations to come. The CBA Festival presents an opportunity for the whole heritage sector to work together to celebrate this UK-wide event and to present numerous opportunities for the general public to delve further into the past.

Whether through visiting the remains of ancient dwellings, handling historical objects or listening to a tale of the discovery of a new treasure hoard, the CBA Festival of British Archaeology is a chance for you to throw yourself into a voyage of discovery and to learn more about what archaeology is all about and how it contributes to our understanding of the past. So start planning your Festival fortnight NOW!