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Aims & Objectives

Our Aims
  • Bring together those interested in the archaeology and the historic environment of Yorkshire
  • Campaign to raise awareness of Yorkshire's heritage
  • Promote archaeology in education
  • Encourage participation in archaeology
  • Provide information on archaeological matters
  • Support local, regional and national heritage societies
  • Work with other partners in conserving the historic environment
Our Charitable Objectives
As a charity we are regulated by the Charity Commission around these Objects:
  • Promote the education of the public in archaeology
  • Advance and assist archaeological research
  • Provide a framework for communication and discussion, as a vehicle for representation to the wider community and to the CBA for any consensus which emerges
  • Act as a central source of information, guidance, lobbying, expertise and referral
  • Encourage widespread participation in archaeology throughout society, identifying and addressing barriers to inclusivity
How we do this
  • Make grants to individuals and organisations
  • Provide advocacy, advice and access to expertise
  • Sponsor or undertake research across the full spectrum of practitioners, public, private, voluntary and charitable, disseminated through our social media presence and annual FORUM journal
  • Act as an umbrella resource and referral body across regional and national centres of expertise
  • Lobby decision-makers and influencers for the greater good of Yorkshire's heritage and archaeological practitioners
Area of benefit
Our full Charity Commission record can be viewed on the Charity Commission website.