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Eric was born on the last day of the Battle of Britain (his father served consecutively in the RAF and the Fleet Air Arm) which genetically disposed him to an interest in flying. Growing up in Pontefract and assisting with the family’s dairy business (i.e. he was a milk boy) gave him the opportunity to see the remains of the castle, St John’s Priory and even Civil War siege works during his daily perambulations. This clearly pre-disposed him towards archaeology.

He qualified as a teacher of History in 1961, and pioneered the involvement of schoolchildren on excavations. A founder-member of the Pontefract & District Archaeological Society in 1957, he is currently Chairman. Eric retired from teaching in 1997, and shortly afterwards was asked to serve as Chairman of CBA Yorkshire.

From his teens, Eric was fascinated by photography as applied to archaeology, and eventually contributed to the literature on the subject with a paper in Antiquity, articles in the popular magazines in Britain & the USA, and even a book, now (thankfully) out of print. In this context he is Archaeology Editor to the Archaeology & Heritage Group of the Royal Photographic Society. He is a Licentiate of the RPS and a Member of the Institute for Learning.

Significant archaeological experience includes
  • Supervisor, Sutton Hoo excavations for the British Museum, 1967-70. 
  • Flying as a photographer to Derrick Riley, 1976-9. 
  • Photographer to the Wood Hall Archaeological Trust, 1990-2001. 
  • Photographing the Towton Battlefield skeletons for Bradford University, 1998. 
  • Photographer to the St Aidan’s Sunken Ships Project, 1997-2001. 
Other experience includes appearances on Chronicle, History Fix, and Time Team, working with Tony Robinson and Michael Wood, and serving on a committee with Sir Mortimer Wheeler.

He is married to Joan and has two grown-up children.

Eric's role on the CBA Yorkshire Committee is to represent the interest of individual members. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about CBA Yorkshire or want to get more involved in running the group then let Eric know and he will get back in touch with you erichoulder@gmail.com