“This is Archaeology” Lecture Series from CBA

Posted on 10/Apr/2022 Under Uncategorised

The CBA’s new online lecture series will bring you a range of speakers from across archaeology and heritage. The lectures will be exploring a wide range of themes and ideas around the question, what is archaeology?

Speakers will draw on their own experiences, a range of sites, excavations, techniques, scientific approaches, and museum practice to bring you the latest in archaeological thinking and research.

Collectively the lecture series will sit alongside existing CBA activity such as the Festival of Archaeology and the Archaeological Achievement Awards and contribute to a wider debate on the very nature of archaeology and how we can draw in new audiences and perceptions.

More information can be found at https://www.archaeologyuk.org/get-involved/events-and-activities/this-is-archaeology-lecture-series.html?dm_i=10MV,7T6F0,87SVO3,VV7PA,1