CBA Festival of Archaeology 2021 Highlighted events

Join us for a talk by Seeing Red founder, Amy Talbot, on Monday 19th July from 12.30-1.30, discussing issues around the poor provision of menstrual hygiene and welfare facilities during archaeological fieldwork and how we can all help to improve it.

The CBA has joined forces with the Seeing Red campaign to adapt and promote their incredibly successful guide for use within volunteer community archaeology, history and heritage groups.

  • We will be working with Seeing Red later in the year to focus on creating guidance for youth groups but this talk will set the foundations for this work and I would encourage all branches to send a representative if they can.
  • More info about the talk and registration can be found here:
  • The Festival of Archaeology Youth Takeover Day will focus on ‘youth voice’ this year. The Youth Voice approach is something we are looking to develop within the CBA and YAC. It focusses on getting young people more involved in the planning and delivery of projects/activities/events and it’s something we hope our future young leaders will be involved with in the next couple of years.  We are hosting a lunch time webinar, introducing the concept of youth voice, 11.30-12.30, Thursday 22nd of July. Again, I hope some of you will be able to make this, as it would be great to hear your thoughts on this approach.
  • More info about the talk and registration can be found here:

There are many more things going on during the Festival of Archaeology, so please do take a look here: