Rougier Street Notice of Refusal of Planning Permission

Posted on 13/Mar/2021 Under Community, News

York City Council planning committee has now published the notice of its refusal of
planning permission for the proposed development in Rougier Street which can be
read here:

(please note the link might not work – please contact if this is the case)

The proposed development split public opinion sharply, and this has been reflected
in reactions to the refusal. However, many people who objected to this proposal
were not adverse to development per se, or to the heritage attraction element. It is
possible that O’Neill Associates and York Archaeological Trust will at some point
submit an application for a version which is less visually intrusive. Development
would, however, still impact upon the archaeology. Any future proposal must,
therefore, demonstrate that the benefits, in terms both of amenity value and
contribution to the archaeological record, will outweigh identified and potential levels
of harm.

Christine Went,
Heritage & Conservation Officer, CBA Yorkshire