TAS February lecture 25th February 2020

This month’s lecture will be held on Tuesday 25 February 2020 on A Grand Tour of Roman Scotland by Andrew Tibbs.

Though Scotland was never successfully conquered by the Roman Empire, the lands north of Hadrian’s Wall include many sites bearing witness to Rome’s attempts to impose their will over the whole of the island known today as Great Britain. A Grand Tour of Roman Scotland will introduce some of the 350-plus sites found across the country, from the well-preserved fort at Ardoch, to the fabled battle site of Mons Graupius. From camps to forts, from Walls to harbours, this talk will look at different aspects of life in the land of the ‘barbarians’.

Andrew Tibbs is undertaking a PhD in Durham University Department of Archaeology, focussing on Roman military installations in Northern Britain.

Also, we will have a stall again at Durham Archaeology Day 2020, held on Saturday 21st March at County Hall, Durham. Tickets are on sale now if anybody is interested in coming along: it is always a great day!

We hope to see you all on Tuesday for a 7:30PM start at Stockton Central Library!