How do you Find out what archaeology has been discovered in York?

Posted on 21/Jan/2020 Under Community, News

There are a lot of sources that you could use to find out about particular archaeological finds, sites or societies. However, some areas of the country (and Yorkshire) have more complete records than others!

York City’s Historic Environment Record is the City Council’s record of every archaeological find, excavation and event that has occurred and exists in their archives. As private developers have to report their archaeological surveys and excavations within York to the city council , this is a fantastic resource that is hard to match! This also includes old aerial photographs, non-invasive surveys (such as geophysics and laser scans) and excavation reports (where available!). Some of these are easier to read than others as many of these reports are are written to professional standards by professional archaeologists in what is known as “grey literature” (unpublished reports).

Other cities and county councils have Historic Envvironment Records too but Yorks’ is freely accessible as an interactive map. Please follow this link –,53.9078,-0.9467,54.0302&home=true&zoom=true&scale=true&search=true&searchextent=false&details=true&legend=true&active_panel=details&disable_scroll=true&theme=light