CBA Yorkshire objection to The Shears Inn, Liversedge

Planning application 2019/62/91239/E

The Shears, 201 Halifax road, Hightown, Liversedge, WF15 6NR
Demolition of existing public house and erection of four dwellings.


The Council for British Archaeology Yorkshire wishes to object strongly to the above
planning application. Built in 1773 the Shears has demonstrable associations with
the Luddite uprisings of the early 19 th century and, as such, is a notable visible
feature of an area of working class history which continues to be taught in schools
nationwide. Furthermore, it forms part of the group of locations known as Shirley
Country which attract literary tourists to the Kirklees district. To allow the destruction
of this highly significant heritage asset might well be regarded by future generations
as a form of cultural vandalism.

Christine Went, B.A.
Heritage & Conservation Officer,
Council for British Archaeology Yorkshire
Beatrice de Cardi House,
66 Bootham,
YO30 7BZ
3 rd May, 2019