Invitation to comment on draft Medieval section of the South Yorkshire Archaeological Research Framework

Posted on 29/Apr/2019 Under News, Uncategorised

The South Yorkshire Archaeology Service is working on a Research Framework for South Yorkshire and have recently completed the section for the later medieval period. They are inviting comments from the community and thought some of your members may have an interest. If you think they may be interested we would be grateful if you could circulate an invitation to comment. I’ve  included a brief description of the project at the end of this email.

The document for the Later Medieval period is available by clicking this link, and any comments can be emailed to

About the Project

All archaeological investigation should attempt to answer research questions, and research frameworks help us to design projects with this in mind. They can help by telling us three things: What do we already know? What do we want to know? How will we find out?

The questions set out in a Research Framework can be used by professional archaeologists, community groups and academics – in fact anyone interested in investigating archaeology. South Yorkshire Archaeology Service is now coordinating a project to develop a Research Framework for South Yorkshire.

The project is being funded and supported by Historic England.