New Heritage Council meet in Parliament

Posted on 06/May/2018 Under News

Recently a new group was set up in Government called the Heritage Council. The Heritage Minister, Michael Ellis MP, had this statement to give in relation to the Heritage Council:

‘Last December DCMS (the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) published the government’s strategy for heritage and the historic environment, set out in the Heritage Statement. This also committed to establish a Heritage Council to ensure greater coordination and a strong voice for heritage within government.

(The Council) will link the heritage sector and all government departments with an interest in, or impact on, the heritage sector and will act as a means of enabling dialogue and driving progress on key policy areas for heritage. The Council will support government in the implementation of heritage policy in England and bring the sector’s issues, challenges and opportunities to the attention of government such as planning, environmental protection, social and economic development, education, health and wellbeing”. (Taken form the Heritage Alliance’s Heritage Update 369, of which the Council for British Archaeology is a member).

See more information about this new Council here, which could be decisive in our future heritage discussions at the highest level. The Council for British Archaeology represents the regional groups, including CBA Yorkshire, so our views can be shared at the Heritage Council directly i.e. straight to MPs and other members of the Heritage Council, such as the Heritage Lottery Fund, Natural England and The National Trust.