Hull and East Riding Museum – Spotlight On: Romans

Posted on 27/Oct/2017 Under News

Over the fourth quarter of 2017 Hull Museums place the spotlight on the Romans.

The Roman galleries at Hull and East Riding Museum showcase objects from Roman Britain and the Roman Empire. They remind us that, even 2,000 years ago, the Humber was closely connected to the wider world, a truly global region.

Particular highlights are the colourful mosaics which once lined the floors of elite villas in the countryside, The Charioteer Mosaic includes stunning representations of the four seasons as well as a victorious chariot racer in his team colours, while the Venus Mosaic shows the goddess amd her merman-attendant surrounded by wild animals inspired by North African culture.

Further objects explore daily and religious life in the Roman Empire. Decorative brooches, divine statuettes and complete Samian-ware vessels show the high-quality of craftsmanship in the region, as well as ceramic lamps and glassware which represent the more practical aspects of life.

From 3 October to 13 November there will be a special display “The Roman World” where you can explore Roman objects from across the empire . The display looks at how cultures spread throughout ancient empires. You can discover the Roman influence in objects ranging from northern Africa to the far reaches of the empire here in Britain.

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