2017 Mid Year Report

Posted on 14/Jul/2017 Under News

In 2016, CBA Yorkshire carried out a thorough review of its activities and produced a comprehensive forward plan, to positively drive the group forward in spite of the challenging economic environment in which we find ourselves. This plan is now being enthusiastically implemented by the group. In essence the plan advocated reducing the cost of its publishing activities by moving from hard copy to digital media and investing the monies saved to offer their members more with improved services and new events.

As we approach the middle of 2017 CBA Yorkshire has already made great leaps forward. In terms of communications we are making good progress, working towards producing a simpler, more attractive and more easily maintainable website, and e-newsletters that better advertise both our own activities and those of our affiliates.

Regarding events, we have decided to introduce a brand new ‘Autumn Showcase’ event, to complement our long-standing ‘Annual Symposium’, which will continue to be held each spring. Our first ‘Autumn Showcase’ taking place on 4 November 2017 and will concentrate on the activities of Yorkshire’s thriving Community Archaeology groups. We hope that this new event will both celebrate their achievements and provide an opportunity for them to discuss issues of mutual interest, such as project identification and fund raising, the use of new technologies and advocacy.

Our programme of visits, to both established heritage locations and archaeological sites is developing nicely with a field trip to Byland Abbey and Helmsley Castle taking place in June, followed by a guided tour of Hull’s historic Old Town in July.

In terms of our publishing activities we have already made significant changes, producing our latest ‘Forum’ publication in two formats, a hard copy book of abstracts supporting a digital book of full articles. In addition we are now thinking very seriously about doing more publishing in the future, perhaps working more closely with our affiliates to give their detailed findings a wider audience.

We are always looking for talented and proactive individuals to join our committee to help to vigorously push forward our agenda. The right people are far more important to us than anything as trivial as funding. In particular we are looking to involve more young people in the running of the group. Our next major challenge is to create an effective framework for a county wide programme of advocacy. The logistics involved in keeping an archaeologically informed eye on planning applications in a county the size of Yorkshire is mind boggling. In the months ahead we hope to work more closely with the CBA to identify a better way to do this vital work.

Steve Bence, Chair

This was previously published as a Regional Focus article in the CBA Membership News